A photograph captures a moment in time that cannot (or not always easily) be recreated. The team at Realtime Media with over 25 years in the industry brings with it a wealth of experience and expertise.


25 years liaising with the music industry brings with it a contact list that can seriously make a difference. Through multiple genres and historical time stamps Realtime Media has traversed a long musical road absorbing immense knowledge along the way.

Event Planning

The customer is king (or queen) so for every situation the customer experience must be maximised. The event management team within Realtime has successfully planned and orchestrated numerous media, music or lifestyle events where first time success is key.


Stop saying "why" or "when" but replace it with "will" and "now". Coaching is all about actions and outcomes where "you" unlock the benefits that "you" believe you deserve. If your life is out of balance and you are stumbling where you should be progressing - Its time to make the call......


The impact of well crafted written words cannot be underestimated. The team at Realtime Media feature heavily in media and journalistic circles and include magazine producers, editors, layout designers, proofreaders, features writers, and web content managers.

This team through so much involvement in printed media have referenceable skills both online and offline with the ability to generate everything from a simple flyer to a full magazine or web presence.  Check for an example or Realtime in action.